The future of tech education

by: Naomi Thomas, Founder & CEO of ∞edu

The world is constantly evolving and technology is truly expediting the shift. Conventional methods and practices of education will soon be in the past as innovative ways of learning are sprouting around us. For those pursuing technical careers, the journey is anything but linear. Learners have infinite ways of attaining technical skills including watching videos, taking self-paced courses, participating in bootcamps, and (traditionally) attending post secondary institutions.

We are on the precipice of a new era in how we consume information and learn as tech professionals. Before we dive into what the future of tech education looks like, it’s important to understand why improving tech education is critical.

It is no surprise that the biggest problem in the tech industry right now is diversity. Over the past 10 years, tech companies have poured billions into DEI initiatives, yet today, Black tech professionals only make up 6% of the workforce and Latinx tech workers account for only 7%. Representation amongst minority women is even slimmer.

How can we truly prepare the next generation of diverse tech talent? Successful workforce development boils down to it’s core-education. The future of tech education is only as strong as the innovators and educators that are committed to improving the quality of education for all.

The time is now to reinvent the wheel.

Here is where we can start:

Tech education needs new DNA

Diversity in tech begins with inclusion in instruction. Today’s top tech learning platforms aren't made with diverse students in mind, and they aren’t led by diverse founders either. The current approach to convincing students to learn how to code is completely uncultured. Edtech platforms should be built with true accessibility, empathy, and cultural-relevance. A combination of quality tech education, approachable mentorship, and meaningful career exploration can make a world of a difference for millions of overlooked learners.

The passion-first approach

It is not enough to introduce youth that have little to no exposure to tech as a career path by simply recommending that they learn a programming language. This kind of skills-first approach is outdated. Taking a passion-first approach to tech education is essential. This means making real world connections and matching interests to lifelong possibilities.

Technology is integrated in all industries - music, beauty, sports, fashion, finance, culinary, and so on. It is important for learners to understand that technology is user-centric. Consumers should be creators— a product’s most passionate end-users are certainly qualified to be in the rooms influencing key decisions and developments. They need the appropriate guidance to navigate their tech journey as well as the awareness that they can pursue both technical and non-technical roles.

Web3 is the future of learning

The tech industry is the most innovative out there - so why is the way we teach tech online still so basic? The learning experience is arguably more important than the subject matter itself. The pandemic taught us this principle. In the internet world, there’s been a lot of recent hype around Web3 and Web2 - Web2 being the current state of how we interact online via centralized closed platforms. Web3 is elevating the virtual experience. It’s a budding ecosystem where opportunities to evolve products and create solutions are decided by the people, not a central gatekeeper. This is great news for educators- to have more power in what/how students learn, and more importantly the ability to finally be compensated fairly for it.

Web3 offers endless possibilities to improve the way we consume information and if we learned anything over the past couple of years, virtual alternatives are here to stay. It’s time to spice things up by building immersive experiences using augmented, virtual and mixed reality. Gone are the factory-styled education days limiting the growth potential of promising minds. Learning tech should also be fun and rewarding. Knowledge is currency. Student retention levels can be improved through tokenization as they learn and earn rewards. Let’s compensate the next generation for their potential.

While the current education system is facing many challenges, the future of tech education is bright. It is now being led by brilliantly-minded founders paving the way for unconventional journeys in tech. Our vision is to go beyond. Join us in building the future of tech education at ∞edu.