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Through ∞edu, we are building the tech learning experience that we wish we had growing up. One that speaks to the underrepresented individuals in our communities who lack the knowledge and resources to be able to discover their potential. 

∞edu DNA

Accessibility 🦾

We are committed to leveling the playing field for all learners. 

Engagement 🎮

Through gamification we don't just capture interests in tech, we retain it. 

Inclusion 🌍 

Diversity in STEM begins with inclusion in instruction. We cultivate an environment centered on the student's individuality. 

∞edu was recently selected in the Top 25 of the world's most innovative education digital learning companies by the GSV Cup 2021.

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Over 90,000 highly engaged STEM professionals, supporters, and educators across social media 📲

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We are dedicated to improving the way we learn about, pursue careers, and succeed in the STEM fields.

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